Glass Railing
Hansen Architectural Systems glass railing systems are sleek and sophisticated. They provide excellent wind barriers, while still allowing optimal visibility from your deck or balcony.
Residential Glass Railing Examples
All of our glass railing systems receive our durable powder coated finishes, which exceed the stringent AAMA 2604 specification for salt spray resistance, and are guaranteed not to crack or blister.
Residential Glass Railing Colors
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Why Hansen Glass Railing
Here are just a few reasons people pick Hansen aluminum railing
Cable Railing viewability

Our newest and most popular glass railing product is our Series 1100 system. In addition to providing an excellent, view preserving wind screen, it also incorporates an interior grab rail component, allowing it to meet building code requirements as a guard rail.
Cable Railing  mountability

This feature has made this system very popular for roof top area applications, where wind control and fall prevention are desired. We also have our complete line of standard glass railing systems, available with 8 different top rail options as well as mid rail options and custom designed accent panels available.
Cable Railing durability

Our standard railing systems can be installed on the balcony fascia, utilizing our structural, fascia mount brackets, or surface mounted with the use of our 5” X 5”X 3/8”thick, base plates, or core mounted embedment into concrete. Our standard series railings and our series 1100 glass railing systems accept ¼” or 3/8” tempered glass.
Cable Railing Accountability

Our ½” structural glass railing system is the pinnacle of our glass railing line. This system utilizes a heavy aluminum base channel, which accepts ½” tempered glass. This system does not have any posts, so it provides the best view preservation possible.
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Our structural glass railing system is typically anchored to concrete or wood surfaces, and is available with our 1.9” round top rail, or our 1” X 2” rectangular top rail.