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Looking for an elegant way to provide a pool enclosure or wind barrier without the confining effects of typical fencing products?
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Building codes require that all pool areas utilize an enclosure to protect small children and these products require some thoughtful design and engineering to integrate seamlessly with the surroundings. Our Pool Enclosure System, known throughout the industry as Techwall, offers many benefits that improve the functionality and beauty of your pool and amenity areas. Our systems utilize tempered or laminated glass panels in order to keep occupants from feeling closed in and isolated from the rest of the property.
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Techwall also doubles as a very effective wind barrier and can simultaneously act as a code-compliant guard rail when required for a fall protection condition. By using our patented, concealed mounting system, you can enjoy a clean installation.
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Our Techwall Barrier System provides an extremely clean installation that is free of exposed base plates and unsightly concrete anchors. We can integrate matching, framed glass gates into the design to accommodate all A.D.A and other applicable codes.
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Use our versatile Techwall System for pool areas, outdoor dining areas, amenity level wind barriers, rooftop restaurants and lounges, and boardwalk applications. You have your choice of either Round or Square Techwall posts.
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Choose from a variety of finish options including Clear or Bronze Anodized, and marine-grade, powder coatings. The glass panels can be treated with permanent, decorative coatings to achieve virtually any design concept.
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When you specify Techwall for your next pool enclosure or wind barrier project, you can expect the most refined, pre-engineered, barrier system in the industry. Just let us know what you have in mind and we will take it from there.